In this project i made a cabinet that involves two of my personality traits. ‘Calm’ and ‘Busy’, these are also traits of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), which I have. These two traits clash but work together in the design of this cabinet. The outside of the cabinet represents my calm side, and is simple and nicely finished. The inside represents my ‘busy’ traits and is chaotic to look at, the mirrors are placed to misdirect the eyes which makes it hard to focus on one thing.


I made this project to garner more attention for this disorder and the people that have it, and to show what might be going on inside the head of someone with ADD.

Who am I? What makes me, me? Those are the questions that makes you who you are. I sometimes see my ADD as something negative, but actually it’s quite positive. It makes me who I am. I’m Mila van Engelen Busy on the inside, quiet on the outside.

Be inspired,  please do not copy my work or photos without permission. Thank you!