This project is about climate change, and in particular the effect it has, and will have on the world’s coral reefs.


Because of globally rising temperatures, the oceans are heating up and this is taking its toll on the reefs. The great barrier reef alone has lost over 1150 square kilometers of coral in the last 30 years.


High temperatures bleach the coral and render it unable to repair itself.

The project’s goal is to make people aware of the danger coral reefs are in. Because coral reefs are often referred to as the ‘floor’ of the ocean, I decided to make a floor rug for this project.


I experimented with colours and ‘bleaching’ them. I did not literally bleach anything but i experimented with the idea of colours fading to white. The final result was a tufted rug that represents the coral reefs in their transformation from vibrant to stark white.

Be inspired,  please do not copy my work or photos without permission. Thank you!