Girls support girls is a community for women that feel unsafe in public. In this project I will show you how you can make your bag into a self defense tool. So you can feel more safe walking alone at night, or in general.


"This is for all the girls. Who struggle with harassment, Who have been afraid to walk on the street alone. It shouldn’t be normal to have to feel like this. Girls have been taught to believe that what we are wearing does matter and to dress in response. Fear shouldn’t be a factor in deciding what to wear and in where you dare to go. Girls all around the globe are being objectified and at the same time being taught this is just a part of life. Girls all around the globe will not take this any longer!"



"This is for all the girls. Who feel different than they used to, Who used to be children, but now are seen as objects. Sexual harassment is normalized in so many places and two out of three girls have experienced it at some point in their lives. Girls should band together to face this thing. Girls supporting girls. That is how it has to be."



Be inspired,  please do not copy my work or photos without permission. Thank you!