Band identity for the band Here Today. For their new release single "2054". I experimented with everything newspaper related to bring the past in to the future. By designing a whole band identity for logo to outfits they can wear on stage.


Above you see a miniture magazine made to give away if you buy a single. The zine contains of the general artwork, the logo, lyrics in the style of the logo, the socials in the style of the logo and a band picture.


Above and on the right you see the design for the merchandise in the form of a t-shirt. Containing  the general artwork and the logo.


Below you see the new band pictures they can give a way during a show as a kind of businesscard

Above the new stage uniforms. Inspired by bringing the past to the future the outfits are embroidered with the different likings of the three band members but all in the same tattoo style. With their name and on the back of their pants the band name.


And on the bottom you see social media mock ups for their next performance, info or pictures they want to share.




Be inspired,  please do not copy my work or photos without permission. Thank you!