Something that fascinates me greatly is that there is still a taboo around menstruation. An example of this is the shame many women feel when asking for sanitary products when a man is in the room. I think menstruation should be more normalized in everyday life and the media. I also vouch for better education about menstrual cycles and female anatomy, a great portion of this taboo stems from ignorance.

With this project I connect this taboo with the dinner table, one of the places people talk and discuss things the most. The way i incorporated the subject into the experience of the dinner table is by making tableware in the likeness of menstrual pads, tampons and a uterus. This opens up the possibility for dinner guests to talk about the subject. It also brings forward the taboo around it as many people still see menstruation as something ‘gross’ and connecting it with food and drink will open the conversation.

Be inspired,  please do not copy my work or photos without permission. Thank you!